The Southpaw journey

This began in 1978 where since its founding, Southpaw has worked closely with therapeutic professionals to research, develop and manufacture sensory integration and neurodevelopmental products for the classroom, clinic and home.

In 2015 Southpaw UK was incorporated and we became the exclusive UK & European distributors for Southpaw products. Within our 9,000 sq.ft distribution centre, based in Long Eaton, UK, we have a wide range of Southpaw products ready for dispatch.

Our team are deeply passionate about our customers and are committed to helping them overcome challenges and solve problems. We are informed by a wide range of therapists and professionals whom we have a great line of communication and feedback.

We are dedicated to bettering the lives of special needs individuals, their therapists, parents and teachers. We are also committed to encouraging a greater understanding of sensory integration and related neurodevelopmental disorders. Within our communities, we provide education, insight and resources, and hope to achieve progress in the overall understanding and treatment of these disorders.

Many of our trusted products are manufactured by hand in Dayton Ohio, but a number of our range is now manufactured here in the UK. Whether made in the US or UK, you can be sure that Southpaw products provide superior quality and durability, and are guaranteed to last.

Today the Southpaw group of companies is one of the largest independent providers of Sensory Integration and Multi Sensory Products worldwide. We therefore invite you to come experience the Southpaw Promise.

The Southpaw promise

  • We promise superior quality and craftsmanship.
  • We promise to build products that are uniquely guaranteed to last.
  • We promise to focus solely in the area of sensory therapy.
  • We promise unparalleled customer service.
  • We promise to offer creative solutions based on clinical need.