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We provide a personalised design and installation service for a range of sensory therapy services. Whether you require a Multi-Sensory Environment, a Sensory Integration space, a soft play room or a safe time out area, our team can help. Whatever your needs, we approach each project in the same collaborative manner, as we take time to understand your individual requirements and ideas to create a safe, functional and effective space.

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What we will do

As we start your journey, we will most likely arrange a visit to your premises in order to meet the key stakeholders and discuss in detail your desired outcomes. This onsite consultation will allow a Design brief to be created which will allow us to generate a Multi Angle 3D design presentation of your space.

Along with this presentation, we will provide you with various safety and design considerations on why the equipment has been selected and positioned. This, of course, is a collaborative process and we welcome feedback to make sure what we provide meets your expectations. Throughout the entire process, you can be assured that we will focus on the sensory therapy needs of the end user. Design Process

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