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In-Fun-ity Climbing System

 Southpaw’s In-FUN-ity Climbing System can go into any clinic or classroom and is expandable to any size.
Climbing enhances body awareness, body scheme, motor planning and bilateral coordination. The child’s body weight, combined with gravity, provides additional proprioceptive feedback to his joints, helping the child coordinate his movements while working toward increasingly complex motor planning events.
Arm and leg coordination (bilateral coordination) is enhanced as they climb up the In-FUN-ity Ladder or In-FUN-ity Rock wall and across the monkey bars, propels the scooter board or pulls himself up the In-FUN-ity Scooter board ramp. 
The In-FUN-ity system is highly adaptable, call 0115 718 0020 and we will talk you through how to get the very best system for your space.