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Southpaw Marvellous Marble Panel PictureAccesible to all functioning levels, Southpaw's Multi Sensory Environment products empower the individual to overcome sensory deficits through a form of communication that focuses on the natural process of multi-sensory stimulation.

MSE products facilitate coordination and motor development; encourage creativity and imagination; and sharpen awareness, focus and concentration. Additionally, social interactions are increased, as are mental and physical relaxation levels. A Multi Sensory Environment (MSE) can do all that and more.

Our team are trained in designing environments for people with special needs and have many years of experience to be able to create a fully functional space for your clients. A space that will be based upon Sensory Therapy and that can provide you with the correct "tools" to help positive outcomes. Call 0115 718 0020 to find out more and book a free consultation.