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A Multi-Sensory Environment can positively impact the spirit and potential of everyone who passes through it. Our skilled design team will work with you to incorporate recommendations on safe use, arousal levels, maintenance and accessibility to ensure that you have the right tools for an effective Multi-Sensory Therapy session.

Sensory Integration Environments


Southpaw’s Multi-Sensory Environments are controlled, meaningful and demand-free spaces designed to empower users to overcome sensory deficits. By providing a form of communication that focuses on the natural process of multisensory stimulation, users at all functioning levels can improve motor development and increase awareness, focus and concentration. Southpaw’s customized Multi-Sensory Environments do not rely on verbal communication, and provide stimulation for those clients who would otherwise be difficult to reach.


An MSE is there to empower choice using a person centred approach and needs to be adaptable to meet the varying needs of your client. In depth consideration is required to understand how the range of tools will suit their sensory needs and close observation is required throughout to ascertain any changes in their arousal levels. By using the “toolbox” of equipment in an MSE, you can introduce different elements to meet their personal preferences. Whether this is by using music, vibro acoustic or visual components, it is key to use your good judgement to build a predictable and safe environment.

MSE Approaches


Through consultation with practitioners, experts and Multi Sensory room users, Southpaw have added several key functionalities into our range of Interactive Multi Sensory products. These aren’t always the latest technical “fad” or “must have accessory”, even though we understand that technology has a key part to play in some environments. By simplifying the control of the MSE, it is easier for the clinician, teacher or therapist to adapt the environment to match the user's arousal level which can then give you a baseline of their level of engagement. Too often, a MSE can be seen as an uncontrollable “light show” where many may become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of visual input they receive.

We encourage you to read more about Multi Sensory Techniques on our Useful Links page.


Southpaw’s sensory integration tools are designed to meet the needs of individuals experiencing sensory integration dysfunction. Products help users to balance incoming sensory and environmental information.

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