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Here at Southpaw, we can provide the range of tools and services to help you meet the needs of those experiencing sensory integration dysfunction. Whether you are looking to introduce Sensory Integration based strategies, or to set up a fully operational Sensory Integration therapy space, which adheres to the Ayres fidelity measure, we can help.

In conjunction with our advisors, we can help and guide you to set up an effective space regardless of budget, specialist provision services or space.

Sensory Integration Environments


A space used for Ayres Sensory Integration therapy has certain requirements which you will have to put in place in order to meet fidelity. Firstly, Sensory Integration therapy can only be conducted by a Sensory Integration trained Occupational Therapist, who has successfully completed the required postgraduate modular courses. Details of training courses in the UK can be found at . Further details on fidelity and implementation can be found in the book; Clinician’s Guide For Implementing Ayres Sensory Integration, by Roseann Schaaf, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA and Zoe Mailloux, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA.

At Southpaw we know what equipment and space requirements you require to meet these standards and can guide you in a way to future proof your space, so that at very least the base level is met. We can guide you on ensuring that: there is adequate space to allow free flowing and vigorous physical activity, the equipment can be arranged flexibly and conveniently for quick interchange, there is a minimum number of suspension points needed with suitable rotational, there is an area allocated for a quiet space.


An individual who is not a qualified Sensory Integration practitioner cannot deliver SI therapy, but can engage their clients/pupils in healthy and vigorous activities which use Sensory Integration therapy as a guide. We would always recommend that these strategies are developed in conjunction with a SI trained therapist in order to make sure that the activities meet the sensory requirements of the clients as certain activities can be calming and others alerting, and it is key to understand which are to be used at the required time based on the client's needs.



Safety is of paramount importance in any activity, but even more so in Sensory Integration given the physical nature of the movement required. We can help you ensure that your space is suitably padded in key areas, providing you and your clients various soft cushions and/or crash mats to use during intervention. The ability to tailor your environment for any size of child as well as assistance in setting up your own maintenance and monitoring programme to keep your equipment and space to the required standard.

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Our skilled design team will work with you to incorporate recommendations on safe use, arousal levels, maintenance and accessibility to ensure that you have the right tools for an effective Multi-Sensory Therapy session.

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