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We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service for our customers in order to provide you with a safe, functional and effective space. Whether this be an Multi Sensory Environment, a Sensory Integration therapy clinic, a Soft Play space to promote healthy gross motor movement or a safe space to help de-escalation, Southpaw can provide you with the help and guidance to make your vision a reality. Our Sensory room design services are complimentary and there is no obligation to use us, ultimately we just want you to provide the very best to your clients, because that is what they deserve.


This is the start of the journey where we will explore with your needs and requirements for your space. We will discuss the outcomes you are looking to achieve, the ages and physical abilities of the users as well as covering budgetary and timescale constraints. Our experienced team will listen to you, share ideas, demonstrate products and even at times challenge your thinking in order to get the best understanding of your and your clients needs.


Our Creative Director, Gemma takes the lead in all our design projects and will be one of the main contacts throughout the process. This hands on approach from one of the industry’s leading Sensory Therapy space designers means that we can create the best environment to meet your individual needs. Designs are presented in a full colour, multi angle 3D format to allow you to get a real understanding of what your room would look like. We don’t however just supply a pretty picture, with all our designs we present our considerations for the project, which may be particular safety or best use tips which will help you better understand how the environment can work for you.

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As with any design work, it is a collaborative process. We encourage you to feedback your thoughts, share with colleagues and ask the difficult question. At all times it is our role to provide you what you want, as long as the safety and best interests of the clients are in the forefront.



Whether your item is made in our US or our UK sites, you will know that all Southpaw items are made by hand, with care, using our many years of expertise and knowledge of the industry. At Southpaw we use the highest quality of materials, whether it is Baltic birch for our wood products, hard wearing phthalate vinyl for our padding and matting or soft plush materials for the areas where extra comfort is needed. Our work is bespoke and designed to last in the most challenging of environments.


Our environments are made to order, which means that every The journey will start with a brief provided by you, the customer. This will then lead to a design and then we hope an installation. Contact our design team today on 0115 718 0020 who would love to explore your project ideas with you. Our service is FREE and without obligation.



Read articles from leading industry experts on a range of topics, such as room design considerations, tips on how to use your Multi Sensory or Sensory Integration space, plus much more.

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