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Southpaw Pony Bolster Swing

Therapists will buy the Pony Bolster when they deal primarily with smaller clients, or where equipment size and/or weight is more of an issue.
Product Code: 1005
Product weight: 10kg
Dimensions90 L x 175cm H; 20cm dia
Working Load160kg
Inc VAT: £547.20
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The Southpaw Bolster Swing is similar to the Standard Bolster Therapy Swing and is a very popular vestibular therapy tool. Occupational therapists who are interested in Sensory Integration will use the Pony Bolster Swing with smaller clients, or children with sensory processing disorders such as Autism, ADD or ADHD especially when considering size and weight.

The Southpaw Pony Bolster Swing is 12” shorter in length than the Standard Bolster, but otherwise similar in design. It can be used in a number of ways and activities and can help improve postural balance. The Southpaw Pony Bolster Swing comes with 5 Safety Snaps and a built in rotational device.

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