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Vestibular Activities

Southpaw offer a wide range of therapy equipment to encourage users to develop their vestibular or balance sense, in conjunction with their Sensory Integration trained therapist.

Users can swing, jump, bounce and play their way to improved posture, muscle control and coordination. Therapy swings, trapeze bars, gliders and bounce pads are just a sampling of product offerings that can encourage health movement.

Our products are designed to be fun ato use for the child, adult, parent and therapist alike, as they can offer a full range of swinging motion, lateral, bilateral, bouncing and twirling. You can also find a full range of suspension equipment to ensure that all activities are conducted safely and within the tested working loads.  

Southpaw are the world leaders in providing equipment for use in Sensory Integration therapy, please contact us to learn more about why our products have been used and recommended by therapists for over 30 years.