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Weight & Resistance

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Southpaw offers a wide range of Weight & Resistance items, which can be very beneficial to children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder. Sensory Processing is essential in helping us regulate our alertness levels, our activity and our emotions. They provide provide proprioceptive input, provide deep pressure, develop body awareness and can increase motor planning.
Sensory Processing is often associated with the Autism Spectrum, ADD or ADHD, but also can be identified in a wide range of other disabilities. Children and adults affected by this can often benefit from deep pressure of proprioceptive input, which is provided by weighted and compression vest products.
Our range of Weighted Vests, Bear Hug deep pressure vests and weighted blankets all can be useful tools to help integrate sensory information and improve the users ability to concentrate, sleep eat and learn. Please consult your Occupational Therapist to understand whether one of our weight and resistance products can benefit your client and to help to work out what weight is appropriate and to set up a wearing schedule.