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Weighted Blankets & Lap Pads

Southpaw Weighted Blankets are made using a special laminating process, so that the entire blanket surface is weighted and not just individual sections.
Weighted blankets, or items with weight, can be excellent tools used as part of Occupational Therapy or simply used at home, as they provide proprioceptive input which can assist calming. They could assist clients with Sensory processing disorders, such as Autism, ADD or ADHD, stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation.
Our weighted blankets and lap pads are very versatile and can be folded as needed in order to vary amount of weight needed. They are covered in a soft textured fabric and can be combined with a number of tactile slipcovers.
We offer various different sizes of weighted blankets which are suitable for a wide range of clients, ranging from young children to adults. Please consult your therapist to ask whether weighted blankets may be a useful tool for your client or child or contact our team on 0115 718 0020 and we would be happy to help.